Sharpening the Saw

Like most of you, I have taken numerous classes and attended countless seminars in hopes of learning new techniques to improve my skills and enhance my business. I’ve even admitted in the past that I may have been a “real estate seminar junkie” in the early years.
 After observing and participating in many of these educational opportunities, I have come to observe a couple of interesting trends.
One is that the same top producers show up to most if not all training events. It seems they have a burning desire to learn one new idea that they can take away from the class. The other observation is that most people who go to a training event are usually entertained and enjoy the presenter but seldom do much with the new information. I recently saw this quote somewhere that I think sums up the real purpose of training. “The Goal of Training is ACTION, not Knowledge.”
We live in such an ever changing industry that it can be overwhelming to say the least, but for all of us to continue to not only survive but really thrive, we have to continue to take time to improve our skills and then apply what we have learned.
I know it is the busy season for most of you so there is probably little time to do anything else. However, now is the time to look at your calendars and set some time aside to attend and participate in upcoming conferences and training sessions. That day or two away from the daily grind will help you refresh yourself and sharpen the saw.
I hope you see you there!

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