Promise Keeper

There was a day not too long ago that a person’s word was his/her bond. While that is still true today with many people, it seems to me that society has morphed away from that concept to a certain degree. If it is convenient then they will do it, if it is not, they won’t.

This came home to me recently when I heard a young child at the grocery store proclaim to his mother that “she had promised” he could have whatever it was he was throwing a tantrum about. While I do not know the details of that exchange, I did hear her response, “I don’t care what I promised”.  Now I am not one to second guess someone’s parental skills, but I did find it a bit unsettling that she seemed to care less about the huge disappointment she gave to that little guy. I was wondering to myself, is he learning that your “word” to someone really doesn’t matter.

Hand Shake

In our business, a service business I might add, we are entrusted every day with someone else’s assets and dreams. Steeped in all the paperwork and endless tasks there is one element often never discussed but certainly on display every time we interact with our customers and clients – that being our word. Just like that mother in the grocery store, we have the ability to inflict a lot of pain and anguish if we break our promises, both spoken and unspoken.


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