Secret Stress Reliever

Now I know what you are thinking, this has to be a headline for an infomercial for some exotic concoction. The Magic Pill, so to speak.
No, this is serious stuff!
Our real estate practice depends heavily on the amount of energy “you” personally have to give to it. We have all experienced burning the candle at both ends. Deals need to be band aided together, financing is never a certainty until the transaction actually closes, title or appraisal problems migrate into the mix… the issues list can go on and on for pages.  But there is a simple strategy you can put in place to help you cope with all these uncertainties in life.
The answer is Routine.
Creating consistent routines in your life gives structure and comfort. I’ll explain. Getting up at a similar time every morning helps your body regulate itself and helps you start your day the way you like to do so. For example, if you like to get up, throw on your workout clothes and hit the gym, then come home to a nice cup of coffee or tea or maybe a hearty breakfast, you create an environment that is familiar and expected.
Believe it or not, we humans crave familiarity. Routines have a calming effect on our nervous system and hence restore our batteries to a full charge. This is counter intuitive to most Type A go getters, aka, real estate agents and brokers, (it takes one to know one) but studies have proven this to be true.
Now many people will say this is impossible to do in “the real world” of real estate. I totally disagree with that viewpoint. You can create a rhythm to your day that can withstand any and all assaults to your schedule if you are strict about observing your established routines. The key here is protecting your time and space that is needed to keep these “rituals’ in place. Sometimes you have to use that dreaded word, NO.
Give this concept a try by establishing routines that will serve your well-being. You may find it very energizing.

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