What is RE/MAX?

RE/MAX empowers real estate agents to soar to new heights of professionalism and production.  Why is RE/MAX flying so high?  How can we at RE/MAX help you achieve your maximum business potential?

The Concept

RE/MAX started high-with a lofty concept. RE/MAX Co-Founders Dave and Gail Liniger believed that to attract the best agents in the business, you needed to offer them a combination of maximum commissions and advanced support services as well as the freedom they needed to offer them a combination of the maximum commissions and advanced support services as well as the freedom they needed to succeed. The Linigers called their company “RE/MAX,” an acronym for “real estate maximums.”

The Continuing Story – Growth

With 380 consecutive months of net gain of Associates, the RE/MAX network has proved since the first agent joined in 1973 that it can grow in any economic climate.  The network has expanded through eight U.S. presidential administrations, four U.S. recessions and numerous regional downturns and expansions.

Quality Sales Associates

In 2010-2018, RE/MAX Associates were the first to complete more than 1 million transaction sides in a single year and over 1.1 million transactions in 2017.  On average, RE/MAX Associates Internationally earn an industry-record annual income of $138,500 and they collectively lead the industry in professional designations.  RE/MAX Realty Suburban agents averaged over $188,000 in earnings in 2017.  That is 12 times the average Realtor income in 2017 which was $16,400.


The red, white and blue RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is the most recognizable logo in North American real estate and is spreading throughout the world.  In the U.S., RE/MAX has the industry’s strongest presence in national network television advertising.  National and regional campaigns, office and agent marketing worldwide add up to more than $240+ million in RE/MAX annual advertising expenditures and billions of impressions.


Led by real estate brokers who understand the needs of real estate associates, RE/MAX has always created programs and services to nurture the professional development of its members.  A few of these are the RE/MAX Satellite Network, the remax.com web site, RE/MAX Mainstreet at RE/MAX.net, and courses leading to continuing education credit and professional designations.

Future Growth

Our goal at RE/MAX is to help our associates become part of the top producing 10% of the National Association of Realtors. RE/MAX International foresees that the number of RE/MAX    Associates in NAR will increase from its present 10.1 percent over the next five years to 15% by 2020.  That growth translates into a gain of 10,000 Associates, growing the RE/MAX system to 130,000+ strong in 2020.  Beyond that, global growth is virtually unlimited.

Combined numbers of Associates and their high production add up to market shares.  RE/MAX International forecasts that the   organization will hold 30-35 percent market shares across the United States and Canada within five years.  RE/MAX has already achieved that goal throughout most of Canada and is rapidly approaching it in the United States.

International Growth

Growth is worldwide. RE/MAX is now franchised in 100+ countries and expected to grow to 135 countries by January 2020.

New Heights

The power of a global brand-name, the numbers of top producing Sales Associates and the industry’s top services, has resulted in climbing market shares.  RE/MAX offers them all – and – more – to support quality agents who aspire to rise to higher levels of business success.

At RE/MAX Realty Suburban, Inc

…You are the Customer!

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