Social Media for Real Estate Agents

I’d like to share with you some great information on Social Media..that I heard about on a Constant Contact webinar last week.


Facebook is the largest social sharing site for social media users and businesses.
  • Business benefit: Reach large audiences, access to advertising platform
  • What to post: Videos. photos, links
  • How often: 1-2x a day
  • Fun fact: Video gets more shares than all other post types
Twitter is high volume social   network focused on conversation and sharing information.
  • Business benefit: Respond to customers and connect with people in your industry
  • What to post: Questions, responses to customer questions/feedback, links, photos, polls, and live video through Periscope
  • How often: Between 4x and 10x a day
  • Fun fact: 7,700 tweets are posted every second
Instagram is mobile-first platform for photo and video sharing.


  • Business benefit: Sharing photos or videos that show what you know or what you offer to allow followers to get to know you.
  • What to post: Behind-the-scences at your business, products, quotes, with 5+hastags
  • How often: 1x a day
  • Fun fact: Posts with hashtags receive 13% higher engagement
Pinterest is a social network that relies on visuals. Users pin images to boards based on topics or hobbies they like.
  • Business Benefit: Pins that link to your products or content can drive more traffic to your website
  • What to post: Images of products, how-to information, content, relevent quotes
  • How often: At least 2x a day
  • Fun fact: 73% of Pinterest users have bought something they’ve found on the site


Linkedin is focused on business and industry news and expertise


  • Business benefit: Allows you to establish your expertise and network in your industry
  • What to post: Content about your business and industry, case studies, tips, and best practices
  • How often: Up to 4x a week
  • Fun fact: 80% of B2B social media leads come from Linkedin

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