A Complete Sentence…

Today we are bombarded with text messages, tweets, posts, and emails loaded with what is now the shorthand version of our language.  We even have little symbols made from characters on the keyboard that send multiple subtle messages to the recipient. My favorite is when I am trying to convey a joke or a little humor.

But there is a one word sentence that is necessary to learn to say if you want to stay productive in the fast paced world we live in today… That full sentence is NO.

Without fully mastering this sentence, in a tactful way of course, you may find yourself being asked to do things that are totally unproductive to your day.

People are swamped with all the information they have to digest. In many ways, it was a simpler time when we had less information and fewer choices but those days are long gone.

In an attempt to get order back into their world, many people have resorted to passing their problems and issues on to each of us if we allow them to do so.

That can take the shape of “unrealistic demands” from clients, friends, family, and yes even co-op agents.  It is only going to get worse unless each of us diplomatically learns to say NO.

I certainly want you to stay nice but I also want you to have a life.  The more you can keep the distractions down the better your performance in “all areas” of your life – and that is a good thing!

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