Staying Productive as an Agent

Here are the Top 10 Productivity Tips
1. Stay Healthy!
Start your day with at least 30 minutes of exercise.  Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. Eat more chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables.  Fact is, the most precious asset of an entrepreneur isn’t time, it’s energy! Stay energized! Stay healthy! Stay productive!
2. Schedule Your Week!
Making a plan for your week will relieve you of the “torment of last minute choices.”  Make your decisions while you’re outside the throes of emotion. Schedule your upcoming week every Sunday evening.  Scheduling your week restores focus, conserves energy and helps you get the most out of your workweek.
3. Work In Time Blocks!
A common denominator in productive agents is the ability to concentrate and stay focused for a designated period of time.  Top producing agents harness the power of  time blocking in 90-minute increments.  Science is now conforming 90 minutes as the optimal work-to-rest ratio.  In our business use “power hours” to help stay focused. Work in time blocks to be more productive. Go for an hour or 90 minutes, the choice is yours.
4. Eliminate Electronic Distractions!
What is the longest length of time you could go without a cell phone in your palm, a hand on your mouse, or fingers on your iPad?  Is it painful to think about? Technology and electronics are a gift to a productive person who knows how to use them properly.   A good habit to form: turn off all technology for 90 minutes a day and focus on lead-generation activities.
5.  Learn To Say “NO”!
Learn to protect your time and say “no” to interruptions.  You probably want me to expand on this point, don’t you? Well the answer is “NO”.  See how easy that was?  Just say “NO”!
6.  Avoid Drama! 
Drama is one of the biggest culprits that rob an agent’s productivity.  Drama is often disguised as a situational difficulty, relational challenge or transactional urgency.  Don’t be seduced by drama.  Keep your energy focused on production and results.  Drama for the sake of drama just drains valuable energy.
7. Steer Clear Of Time Zappers!
It’s fun to check messages and emails, read through Facebook to see what everyone else is up to or surf the web.  However, be forewarned…there is a massive difference between activity and productivity.  Checking email, browsing social media, answering a cell phone or reading an incoming text message are just vampire activities…they suck away one of your most valuable assets…time.  They are not lead-generation-focused actions.
8.  Attend To The Most Important; Not Most Urgent!
Whether you’ve been in the business 1 year, 10 years or 30 years someone will always be knocking at your door or ringing your bell.  An unproductive agent feels the need to answer the unplanned interruption.  Agents are often addicted to what is pressing, immediate and urgent.  And the truth is, agents like to be distracted by the immediate issue.  Discipline yourself to do what’s important, not what’s urgent.
9.  Recharge!
Do you ever feel sluggish, unfocused and lured into distraction? Well then, there’s a good chance you’re just burned out.  Be mindful of recharging your battery.  Take one day a week as a complete recovery day to refuel and revitalize. That means no email, phone calls or work…zero, nada, nothing, zilch, zippo!  Take care of yourself first!
10.  Invest In Yourself!
Think about any asset you currently have…your home, your retirement account, any stocks or bonds.  You strategically work to increase the value of those assets, right?   Are you surrounding yourself with other like-minded people and synergizing?  I learned early in my career that as I grow, so grows my business.  Make sure you don’t ignore the greatest asset in your business…Invest in yourself starting today!

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